Friday, April 4, 2014

Aussie Quilters, time to start buying from Australian Quilt shops again!

How many times have I heard quilters guiltily whisper, or sometimes brazenly declare, that they buy fabric from overseas because it is sooo much cheaper! That's their prerogative, that's fine, but I believe it's time to think again my friends.
On our big trip around Queensland last year my very patient husband drove me around to any quilt shop I could Google in every town we visited. It became a regular occurrence that we would turn up at an address and find the shop vacated, no longer in business. As well as disappearing businesses we  also found downsizing businesses, shops that were struggling and had had to move into smaller premises.... pretty sad really.
I feel for the shop owners because I know how much they pay 'wholesale' for fabric, it's usually more or about the same as the US shop owners sell their fabric 'retail'.  It's hard to compete with that!
Well I hope that I can persuade shoppers to start looking back in their local quilt shops again.

Lets start with an average order:

Most US shops will send 6 - 8 yards in a Priority Flat Envelope for $24.00.
That means you need to add the cost of $4 -$3 to each yard that you buy to cover postage.

If you buy 6 yards @ US $11  (add postage $4 per yard)   6 yards X  $15  =  $90 US

The AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR is not so great now!
 So $90 US will be about $97 AUS

We Aussies deal with METRES! US shops charge by the YARD!
6 yards is equal to 5.5 metres
So you have just bought 5.5  metres for $97.
Don't forget to add the currency conversion fee that gets added separately to your bank account, around $3.
You've just spent $100 on 5.5 metres of fabric.

That comes to $18.18 per metre!

Now that's not much less than you pay in your quilt shop for a metre of fabric!
So for  a few dollars isn't it worth rethinking your next online spending spree?
Why not take your $100.00 to a shop where a you can see, feel and touch the fabric, see whats new in the Quilting world, chat with the helpful shop owner and meet with friends.......


Thursday, March 6, 2014


The Toowoomba Quilter's Guild run a challenge every year. This year we were given two fabrics that had to be used in an Owl wallhanging 35" X 12". The entries were amazing and all so different. There are some very talented ladies in this group. I designed a Christmas wallhanging with cute owls sitting in a Christmas Tree. The two fabrics with the teardrops on them were the 'challenge' fabrics.
I didn't win but was happy with my effort! I will write this up as a pattern ready for Christmas.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

'Big' Stitch Hand-Quilting

I have been looking around at sites that show 'Big' Stitch Hand-Quilting to see if it would suit my 60's quilt. There is a lot of difference in the size of the stitches that people use. Most of the quilting I saw would be better described as 'Medium' stitich quilting.
I've decided to do real big, 'Big' stitch quilting. I found a long, sharp strong needle and a ball of some perle cotton thread. I am making my stitches 'Big' and the quilting is moving along quickly. The main thing to do is keep the stitches as even as possible. I should be able to finish this one off quickly and then get back to a couple of quilts I am trying to 'Small' stitch hand -quilt!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

I love the beginning of a new year. It is generally a quiet time for me so I usually pick a UFO to try and finish. This year I have got out my late MIL's doona cover and am giving it some new life. It is a poorly pieced top with no wadding or backing, bright florals that look like they're from the 60's or 70's.
An old Doona cover
Instead of unpicking each block (they are around 14" finished), I am just cutting all the pieces a little smaller than the original pieces. I drew the pattern up on graph paper and made two templates from templastic. The centre square is 4" square unfinished.
I have an assortment of old fabrics picked up from Op-shops to use as well.
My unfinished blocks are 10 1/2"

Op Shop Fabrics
The two templates placed, ready to cut...
Four blocks remade!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Antique Sampler by Patchwork with Busy Fingers

Antique Sampler resized

I have been cutting out fabrics for an Antique Sampler Block of the month, lots of fabrics are needed for this one.
My customer likes brown and pink so I have  included lots of beautiful fabrics in this colourway with a gorgeous paisley border fabric.

Block of the month $38.00 a month for 12 months
Contact for further imformation

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Workshop for 2013!

I have finished my Quick Curve Medallion Quilt ready to send to Elaine at 'Quilting in the Vines' to put her finishing touches on before our Quilting workshop in Adelaide in a couple of weeks.


A 'Quick Curve Ruler' Pattern

Join Penny for one last workshop in 2013!

This is a workshop demonstrating the 'Quick Curve Ruler'
 that has so many uses
Go to Jenny Pedigo’s website to see all the beautiful quilts she makes from this one ruler!

'Sew Kind of Wonderful' Website: 
Details of workshop : 
November 29th, 9am to 3 pm

at the Lutheran Church Hall McLaren Vale, SA

Cost: $50 -includes the Ruler!

Bring your own lunch. Morning and afternoon tea supplied.


Join Wendy and Mary for ‘Fininshing Off!’ any of the quilts you 
have started in a workshop with them for $25.00

To book in contact Penny at :

Or Wendy at :

I will have most of Jenny's patterns for sale on the day! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another border and some circles!

Not a lot of sewing getting done lately. I have managed to put another border on my 'Liberated Medallion' quilt. This won't be the last border, the next one will need to bring some more red and orange in.

My Pies and Tarts top got some attention with some large circles (pies) being completed. 
Now to sew some of the smaller circles, (the tarts). I plan on adding a row at a time rather than laying them all out when they are finished, that way I can add the small circles over the joins as I go.

The top so far......
Some large circles completed.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful Handmade Gifts

Don't you love handmade gifts? I have some wonderful handcrafted items to show you, all of which have come my way in the last week or two!
Wendy knitted me some gorgeous socks. They are almost too nice to wear, but I will! Love the colours.
While in Toowoomba Wendy was taken on a 1/2 day outing by Vicki while I was back at the show. She bought me this beautiful little woodturned tapemeasure, made by Wayne Achilles. The tapemeasure pulls out, then you turn the handle at the top to wind it up again!

The next three items were made by clever ladies and purchased from the craft table at the Toowoomba quilt show. Such lovely stitching and sewing, the prices were too good, I had to buy them!

Christmas Purses to hang on the tree
Large pincushion or small pillow
Beautiful shoulder bag in my colours!
Lastly, today I was given this pretty pair of earrings by Tracey of 'Grace and Daisies' as a thankyou gift! Aren't they lovely!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day One Toowoomba Quilt Show

 Ready for customers!
Wendy Demonstrating Backbasting Applique
Wendy surrounded by her beautiful quilts!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Scrappy trip around the world number three!

I gave my lovely bright Scrappy Trip Around the World away to the flood victims of Queensland collection several months ago so decided to work on another one, this time in Reproduction Scraps.12 Blocks so far look good together, I might try making a few more blocks with some lighter fabrics in them.

Little Doll's Quilt made with scraps from my second Scrappy Trip Around The World Quilt

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All Creatures Great and Small

My middle daughter has stitched the 12 designs from Natalie Birds book, 'All Creatures Great and Small' and done a beautiful job with her neat little stitches. I have selected the fabrics for the top and started cutting them out. I asked Sarah not to stitch the 'quiltlike' stitches around each picture as I will actually quilt these with coloured thread (or teach her to do it!), once the three layers are together.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Holiday time!

For the last 4 weeks my husband and I have been traveling around North Queensland. In each town I googled the local quilt shop and tried to visit as many as possible. Unfortunately many shops have closed down. Their details are still on the internet but when turning up at the address one finds a new business or just an empty shop. I did manage to add to my black, red and cream stash with some beautiful reproduction fabrics from various shops.