Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some shopping and decorating

DH and I have been travelling to surrounding towns on our days off and doing some exploring. On a recent trip to the town of Esk I picked up some lovely things.... an old perfume spray bottle that sits nicely on my bedside table and a soft and pretty companion cushion to go with the one Elaine made for me when I moved.

There are five windows in our main living area and the blue curtains that were behind my couch were irking me every time I looked at them so I decided to hang a quilt over the window. I think this is much more pleasant to look at don't you?

Beautifully Quilted by Elaine from Quilting in the Vines!
And finally, in the finishing off mode that I am in, this block I designed a few years ago when teaching a needleturn class made a lovely cushion for my armchair.

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