Monday, January 14, 2013

Basket Swap Blocks

I  received 10 blocks in a swap with the Repro-Lovers Yahoo group several years ago. These blocks were very well made by some great sewers.
At the time I made a couple of extra blocks to take the number to 12.
I've decided to use an old setting for the blocks, a zig-zag with half blocks at the ends of rows

I made two more whole blocks and four half blocks to complete my top.

A poison green from the 'Lucinda's Needle' range by Jo Morton made the perfect background setting.

Now to plan some borders......


  1. Looking great - the green background was a good choice!
    Every Stitch

  2. I made very similar basket blocks last year in the same style of fabrics. The green looks good for the setting.

  3. Great choice for these cute little blocks.

  4. The green is perfect, BUT, how could you bear to cut those blocks in half? I have seen it done before, but I always cringe!

    1. Wendy I didn't cut them in halves, just made half blocks. Cutting in halves wouldn't work because I needed a seam allowance.