Friday, May 9, 2014

Catching up with Jane!

I can't remember when I started my Dear Jane Quilt. It must be more than 10 years ago, maybe up to 15. I have been thinking about what WIP I could  finish in time for the Toowoomba Quilt Show in September.  I got all the blocks out and took ages laying them out in the same order as they are in Jane's quilt so I could work out which ones I haven't made. As you can see I have added four triangles to the edges to tip the blocks on point. When they are all made I will mix them around before sewing them together. All this because I decided I didn't want to reproduce the original quilt because there are so many around now.


  1. Nothing like an upcoming quilt show to motivate us! I have heaps of blocks and woul love to get it finished

  2. Interesting how you turned the blocks on point. You will have a very different version of Jane when you are done.