Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Appliqued flowers

I have finished the two large flowers that line up down the middle of the vase of flowers.
Now to work on some leaves.........

Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting a new quilt

I love starting a new quilt. Selecting the pattern and the fabrics is one of my favorite parts of the quilt making process. This quilt has been on my mind for a while and now is a good time to start it. With no teaching commitments or Trunk Shows to do with Wendy since moving up here I have found myself with some free time, most unusual! The quilt I am making is a reproduction of an appliqued medallion quilt by Ann Dagge  made in1818. The quilt now resides in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The pattern I am using is an interpretation by Di Ford.

Di Fords quilt on the right
I spent a while deciding on my colour scheme and finally settled on a cream tone-on-tone background and lots of dusky through to double pinks, with greens and some touches of black.

The design for the centre applique is drawn onto the background and the stems are the first thing I tackle.

Today I appliqued the vase, fussy cutting some leaves and a flower in the centre. Trying to turn my points under was frustrating me until I remember the useful tool Wendy would hand everyone in her needleturn classes.... a Toothpick! The slightly rough wooden edge was more successful in pushing the fabric into place where the needle had been slipping. Thanks Wendy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Displaying Quilts

 I have so many finished quilts. I might give some of them away one day but a lot are still needed as samples for when I teach. I hate sticking them away in a cupboard but love to have them on show. After showing you the quilt I hung in my hallway I thought I would show some of the other quilts that are displayed around our new home. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hanging a quilt!

I hate having to add a hanging sleeve to a quilt, especially long after it's been bound. Adding the sleeve during the binding process has so many advantages. Well I have had to add a sleeve to my 'Reminisce' quilt today. Designed by one of my favorite designers, Lori Smith, this quilt was the perfect size to hang in my new hallway.

I was restricted by the fact I had to use the existing picture hooks, I cannot remove or add any in our rented home.
After attatching the sleeve to the back of the quilt I inserted a flat slat of wood into it.
The row of hooks already on the wall worked well when I sat the slat of wood, inside my sleeve, along the hooks.
The old Singer of course looks lovely sitting in front of the quilt!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Miniature Two

While packing and unpacking I found many UFO's (so many I feel a bit guilty) so I plan on trying to finish a few while my life is a bit less hectic. I took a class last year, which was unusual for me, I am so used to being the one who is running a class. The lovely Kerryn Brand was our teacher and the Mystery quilt she taught used 'Triangle Gems' as its basic building block, interspersed with HourGlass blocks. I finished eight Gem blocks and eight hourglass blocks on the day. 
 Looking at them again I decided I don't really have time to make a lot more blocks to finish the quilt. Instead of laying them out as they are meant to be, I thought, if I just use the 8 finished Gem blocks, put something else in the middle, I will have another miniature for my wall.

I have had the perfect fabric for the centre for so long, just waiting for the right moment to use it!
Do you like the Coventry fabric by Jo Morton with the scene of sheep sitting under a tree?

 Those content looking sheep remind me of probably the best known psalm, number 23:
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul...

Here is the finished quilt,  the Gem Blocks surround the picture of content sheep.
I decided to machine quilt the top and managed to finish it in an afternoon then bound it that night.

 Would someone like my leftover hourglass blocks and a picture square with the sheep scene? It's up to you to sew the blocks together!
Be the first to comment on my quilt and the blocks are yours!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miniature quilts

I have admired miniature quilts for a while, especially those that are reproduction styled, they remind me of the beautiful little dolls quilts that were made for little girls 150 years ago and are great collectors items now. Check out these little beauties on the Rocky Mountains Quilts site. I love to see these small quilts hung together on a feature wall. Kathy from Inspired by Antique Quilts has a gorgeous wall full of quilts she has made. I love it!
 I am a long way from a wall full of quilts but am happy with my first miniature. Made from fabrics from my brown stash, handquilted and bound with a single thickness binding that Jo Morton uses.