Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Breaking the rules!

I decided to make another version of my design "The Penny Quilt" from the new book compiled by Pam and Nicky Lintott, "Jelly Roll Dreams". I am using a beautiful Jelly Roll by 'Collections for a cause' called "Comfort".  I have to admit that I always change things until I am happy with them. I know ladies who think they have to use all the fabrics supplied in a Jelly Roll just because they all came together in the Jelly Roll. Rules are made to be broken. If a colour or pattern of one of the fabrics isn't to your liking ditch that strip or strips, and then feel free to add a few strips of fabric from your own stash that you prefer................

That is what I did with this range. Some of the stripes and big florals were too busy so I removed them from the required 40 and added some from my own collection.

The centre of The Penny Quilt
 I did the same thing last year when I stitched a '1600' quilt with the "Dilly Dally" Jelly Roll by 'Me and my Sister'. There are three black and white strips in this range. I decided that I needed to either remove them completely or add more black and whites for a better balance. I did the latter and also added a few extra white background fabrics with spots. This meant the quilt ended up being a little wider but not longer  than the original design. See the '1600' quilt here: Heirloom Creations

I am always changing a design until I am happy with it and love to see students of mine add there own touches to something I have taught them. I even encourage them to do this, it is the first step towards them creating their own designs. 


  1. I love both of those quilts.I am planning to a plus quilt soon.

  2. Love those colours Penny. Great quilt!

  3. Lovely quilts, Congratulations on your designs!