Monday, May 26, 2014

'Second time around' quilt

I've finished my 60's remake quilt with it's big quilting using a lovely dark navy stripe for the binding. After a quick wash in the washing machine and overnight blocking on the floor it's finished.

Here are some close-ups of the 60's fabrics in the blocks. See that little stitched birdie in the middle of the orange block, that was stitched by one of my clever daughters. All three of my girls have spent time doing volunteer work in various countries. Whilst in Uganda Sarah was a little bored in the evenings so she grabbed a needle and some thread and stitched some little pictures. I decided to use this one here as the colours matched perfectly.
Without any lessons Sarah has also stitched a little tree that she wants to enlarge and applique as a bed quilt.
My eldest daughter is an art teacher in Darwin and is about to hold her first exhibition called 'You, Me, Interweave'
Friday, May 30 to June 14th at DVVA.
Here is a picture she painted for me for Mothers Day.
I mustn't leave out my third daughter also very artistic, she made some beautiful quilts when she was younger and now beautifully decorates her travel journals with artworks.


  1. Wow what a talented family Penny!

  2. Thanks Sahron. My girls are much more gifted than me, I look forward to seeing what they do with their talents!

  3. Your quilts are lovely! I especially love the Second Time Around! Happy colors! Do you remember what the pattern is?


  4. Thanks Sara
    The closest I can find is this Simple X block:

    1. Penny, I finally finished it! I modified it a bit, to work with the scraps I was going to be using, but it is my new favorite! Thank you so much.

    2. Congratulatios. Love to see a photo Sara!

    3. I'd send you one, but I honestly can't figure out how to do it... lol