Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Little Sister comes of Age!

The Little Sister comes of Age! 
Hand appliqued, pieced and quilted by Wendy Whellum. 
This week in Sydney Wendy won two awards for her stunning quilt: 
Best Handmade quilt  
3rd in Traditional professional class
It's taken 5 years for Wendy to complete this gorgeous quilt, not that she's slow... she reproduces or designs and makes many beautiful quilts every year. She uses the 'Backbasting ' method for all her applique and travels around Australia sharing her skills. 
 Congratulations Wendy! The awards are well deserved!
Check out Wendy's blog: Legend and Lace to read about this quilt.

Wendy working on The Little Sisters quilt in front of some of her beautiful applique quilts.


  1. Congratulations to Wendy!! This quilt was one of my very favourite quilts in the show, the design is so striking, beautiful applique and the quilting is like a stitched garden.

  2. Hi Rachael, You will find Wendy's Blog at 'Legend and Lace'. She does lots of beautiful work. Check it out.