Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our new home!

I promised some photo's of our new home so here they are. We are high up on a hill overlooking a valley. We have managed to find a home for most of our furniture. My antiques fit in quite well with the modern surroundings.

View from my kitchen window
On a windy day my towels could end up miles away
Back deck view


  1. Penny, it looks wonderful! You are so lucky to have found something like this. Has the rain hit yet?

  2. Hi Penny, your new home looks fabulous! I am so envious of the deck and that gorgeous view!
    Sharon x

  3. Hey Sue we have two spare bedrooms so if you're in the area! Miss everyone back home terribly :(

  4. What a gorgeous outlook from your new house Penny! Enjoy life up there and look forward to catching up whenever :-) xoxo Irene

  5. Hopefully in May if you are coming to Gatton? xx

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