Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another border and some circles!

Not a lot of sewing getting done lately. I have managed to put another border on my 'Liberated Medallion' quilt. This won't be the last border, the next one will need to bring some more red and orange in.

My Pies and Tarts top got some attention with some large circles (pies) being completed. 
Now to sew some of the smaller circles, (the tarts). I plan on adding a row at a time rather than laying them all out when they are finished, that way I can add the small circles over the joins as I go.

The top so far......
Some large circles completed.


  1. I really like your liberated medallion quilt! So much fun.

  2. Thanks Audrey, I had fun in Gwen's classes!

  3. I love that medallion - so lively and fabrics you have chosen are magic! It reminds me of some of the quirky antique quilts - in the nicest way.

  4. Thanks Hilda, I hoped that's what it would look like!