Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful Handmade Gifts

Don't you love handmade gifts? I have some wonderful handcrafted items to show you, all of which have come my way in the last week or two!
Wendy knitted me some gorgeous socks. They are almost too nice to wear, but I will! Love the colours.
While in Toowoomba Wendy was taken on a 1/2 day outing by Vicki while I was back at the show. She bought me this beautiful little woodturned tapemeasure, made by Wayne Achilles. The tapemeasure pulls out, then you turn the handle at the top to wind it up again!

The next three items were made by clever ladies and purchased from the craft table at the Toowoomba quilt show. Such lovely stitching and sewing, the prices were too good, I had to buy them!

Christmas Purses to hang on the tree
Large pincushion or small pillow
Beautiful shoulder bag in my colours!
Lastly, today I was given this pretty pair of earrings by Tracey of 'Grace and Daisies' as a thankyou gift! Aren't they lovely!


  1. Lovely treasures. Aren't hand made gifts wonderful?

  2. Yes they are lovely aren't they!

  3. Only nice people get nice gifts xx The sock colours remind me of the rainforests.